We set up ACE many years ago as an umbrella for Ian Bennett's writing, illustration and publishing.

Ian is now retired, so new assignments and commissions are not accepted.
ACE however is so well known that a web presence and email links just had to remain.

Why ACE?

Ian spent many years working in the Middle East.

First he managed the Media Operations and Production Department (MOPD) for Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil producing company.

From Saudi Arabia he moved down to the Sultanate of Oman where he managed the Photocentre Group of studios.

Returning to Saudi Arabia he was a senior copywriter for Riyadh Exhibitions Company before moving to Jeddah as Design Director for KSA's leading ISP, SPSNet.

But it was his next move, to Al Harithy Company for Exhibitions that defined his monicker. With the company referred to as ACE, Ian became known as Mr ACE, and the title stuck.

On returning home, Mr ACE required a title that could be shortened to ACE.

What did ACE do?

As defined by the title, ACE was the umbrella under which Ian wrote, photographed and published. Later, event organisation was also added.

Over time, ACE created and handled a wide variety of publications ranging from single sheet double sided A4 flyers through to 300 page books.

ACE actually sub-contracted to Al Harithy back in Saudi Arabia, creating most of the literature required for many of its exhibitions as well as complete suite of products for the company's 30th anniversary including a celebration book completely produced and published by Ian in the UK and hand bound in leather for presentation to members of the Saudi royal family.

Leaning on Ian's event organisation skills that had been honed in Jeddah, Ian added bespoke event organisation to ACE UK's remit, a highlight being the complete conceptualisation, organisation and planning of the Keating Supercars media launch.
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What Now?

So if that is what ACE used to do, what does ACE do now?

In a word - nothing.

Well, almost.

Although retired and no longer accepting assignments, he isn't the sort of guy to sit back and spend all day watching TV.

OK, so he does like his slippers, but in retirement his time is mainly spent making self funded not-for-profit films to support charity.

Visit Ian's personal web site

Visit the OldManFilm not-for-profit charity supporting filmmaker